Thursday, January 10, 2008

Richmond Meet Up Success!

Before I begin to tell you about my meet up with Ned, I have to mention that I'm a COMPLETE donut and forgot to take a single picture. I even double checked before I left the house that I had my camera. I promise, next time I'll take some snaps!

Ned (not actually her name, which I'm sure you know) is absolutely lovely and I adore her (how can you not adore someone that tells you the second they meet you, that you are "so pretty"?!). She is funny, gorgeously attractive and a real pleasure to hold a conversation with.

We met at Starbucks and gabbed about our SIL's, then headed to the California Pizza Kitchen for lunch. There are 3 things I always worry about when conversing with someone new and they are SEX, MONEY and POLITICS. We did find ourselves on the 2nd subject a little (how can you not when talking about my SIL) but I think I managed to get by without voicing some of my huge opinions! We also discussed blogland, our husbands and their work and some of our crazy ass social situations! I left Short Pump Town Center utterly refreshed from such a wonderful afternoon.

I truly hope that next time Ned's down in Richmond, she gives me a call to meet up again. If not, I may just have to hunt her down and drag her by her hair (kidding!!).

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