Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Beginning of Saturday

Libby had an exam to write, so Kimba and Coll were gracious enough to come collect me from my hotel at 10am on Saturday and we ventured through the slushy streets of Boston, down into the deep, dark, caverns of the Boston T. Big city mass transit - I felt rather cosmopolitan!

Here's Kimba and I as we're about to catch the train to Cambridge... off to see where all the smartypants congregate.

And with Coll under the Green Line sign.

Once in Cambridge, we walked around and went in some of the shops. This place, Life is Good, has the sweetest stuff. As soon as Coll saw this adorable "Tea" Shirt, she immediately said it reminded her of Chloe. Of course, we had to take a picture for our pal.

Then we went to Lush and were treated to a "FREE!" hand treatment. I wouldn't say the sales lady was Rather Forceful and Aggressive, but she might as well have been grabbing our ankles sobbing in hysterics as we walked out of there with no product and the softest hands this side of the Dove testing facility.

If I may be so bold to say, I am simply in love with these girls. They are the real deal, so genuine and just a delight to be around. We had such a good time, you'd never know we'd only met just a few hours before.

And maybe, just maybe we have a future working on The Price is Right. Barker's Beauties have nothing on us!

Tomorrow, I'll continue with more of our adventure ... remind me to ask Kimba what "Poking the Jelly in Harvard Square" means. And yes, there's video. We just have to figure out how to get it off Kimba's phone.

heh heh.

. . .


Cloggsy said...

Girls, you are all so freaking adorable!

suburban prep said...

Too cute.