Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Saturday Night Live

Unfortunately, I missed all the daytime festivities of the Blowout, but I was present and accounted for at the dinner we all met for. The location was Rustic Kitchen in the heart of the Theatre District in Boston. I arrived first and it dawned on me that while I knew what most of the girls looked like, I have never posted a picture of myself on my blog, so how would they know me? I anxiously waited at the hostess stand for the Grand Arrival. Moments later, in walked a group of four bundled up ladies and IT WAS THEM!!! I caught Lisagh's eye and she looked right at me and said "You look just like your daughter". Group hugs all around and then off to our table to place our drink orders!

The conversation flowed right from the start. Hard to believe, but there are some talkers in this group! A lot of "where did you grow up", "what college did you attend" and when Mel arrived, "what type of wine do you drink?" We had a lot of laughs and the food was great. Then, the surprise hit of the night arrived in the form of the most beautiful birthday cake ever for Mel. Lisagh did an amazing job in surprising her with a perfectly preppy cake. It was almost too beautiful to eat! The night wrapped up surprisingly early but the Girls had a busy day trudging all around town and there was snow in the forecast. Off we went in our separate directions but not before promising to do it all again! And guess what, You are all invited! Kudos to Libby for being such a great organizer!


suburban prep said...

memories of an enjoyable evening.

Mel said...

it was truly the most beautiful birthday cake ever!!! you are a delight and i can't wait till our next get together.